Child Care

Experience the difference professional child care and early education can have on your child!

Child Care

Child Care | Little Sunshine Daycare Center - New Windsor, NY

Feel the relief of finding the right place that will care for your child. We understand the difficulties parents have leaving their children in the hands of others. Little Sunshine Daycare Center is a licensed and insured child care center staffed with professional caregivers and educators. Every adult is CPR, First Aid, and MAT certified.

Before and after school care is important to the working household. Mom and dad work tirelessly to provide a good living for their children and school hours do not cover the entirety of the workday. Luckily you can rest easy in knowing your child is being properly cared for with us. Our parent and student relationships have established a reputation for unparalleled child care.

Unprofessional child care providers feel it is ok to plop a child down in front of the television or let them play with a mobile device for hours. While movies and games can be educational and enjoyable, a child deserves more. Undivided attention and unceasing energy are required from adults that enter into child supervision as a profession. Establishing a rapport with a child helps establish positive behaviors that parents are thankful to welcome into the home environment.

We understand the difficulties in raising a family. Getting caught up in a meeting or hitting traffic happens to everyone in New Windsor. Our goal is to remain as flexible as possible in our hours and care methods to supplement parental desires to see their child succeed. Rather than send your child to a large daycare center responsible for hundreds of kids, send them to us where they will receive specialized attention and develop a relationship with your family.

We offer competitive rates and are always open to building relationships with new families. You do not have to be in need of bilingual services to enroll. Contact us today to find out more!