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Day Care Center | Little Sunshine Daycare Center - New Windsor, NY

You know when you’ve found a thriving daycare center the second you step inside. The place is clean, the children are laughing, and all the staff have a warm smile on their faces. It is as if you entered another world where your child is at the center. No place is perfect. There will always be the occasional tantrum from a child or the momentary sigh from an exhausted caregiver, but the atmosphere remains warm and loving through and through.

Little Sunshine Daycare Center ascribes to such a sentiment. A safe and engaging environment is the first step toward this. We often misdiagnose a child’s energy as some mysterious sugar-machine, pumping hysteria into their limbs. In fact, the child is seeking mental stimulation through physical interaction. It is not enough to sit them down with a book, though reading is important, we must satiate their appetite for tactile experience.

We begin gathering sensory information at a young age and use it to determine our actions going forward. Peer interaction is an invaluable source of knowledge regarding social norms and behaviors. While the supreme focus and care of a personal caregiver, like a nanny, can be wonderfully rewarding, it cannot replace the power of playing with other children at a daycare center. First hand experiences with sharing, talking nicely, and being friendly prepare us to enter the incredibly nuanced social world.

If you have any questions regarding the type of care your child will receive or the state of our establishment we recommend you stop by and see for yourself. New enrollments are always welcomed and there are no registration fees. We offer sibling discounts, meals, and bus pick-ups and drop-offs. No other daycare center in New Windsor can match our quality care and education. Caring for your child is the greatest reward we receive as lifelong educators.