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Preschool | Little Sunshine Daycare Center - New Windsor, NY

Little Sunshine Daycare Center believes in putting education first. However, a good preschool understands the challenges of implementing structured learning methods with very young children. They often lack the focus and attention span to properly engage in tasks and receive the intellectual benefits of doing so. Instead, a child’s mind will simply be drawn to what it is drawn to.

We invest in a hands-on approach to learning, similar to Montessori methods, called “Edutainment.” This proven method respects a child’s individuality and gives educators the freedom to let the child evolve as they may. Learning through play has many benefits including:

• Peer Interaction—Building communication skills is invaluable to the developing mind of a child. They need time to grasp the social norms passed down through their elders by practicing them with their peers on a daily basis. A good preschool leaves plenty of time for developing teamwork and social skills through structured playful activities.

• Personality—Every child has a worldview unique to them. Some are interested in blocks and cars; others are interested in bugs and trees. We set up our environment to give them options and encourage them to try new things. Discovery is the most rewarding part of the preschool experience.

• Scholastic Development—A core curriculum of math and reading is important to prepare kids for the decades of schooling ahead of them. Much of our childhood is spent learning in regimented school systems and learning proper interactions in classroom settings has lasting benefits on focus and mental acuity.

• Get Physical—Being active is just as important to childhood development as learning. Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in America. We love combining playful activities and learning opportunities into one to fully engage the children. And we do our best to tucker them out so you can relax after a long day at work.

• Bilingual—Assimilation is important to bilingual families. Oftentimes children receive one input of native language at home and are forced to adapt to speaking English alone. A preschool like ours helps bridge the gap by understanding the challenges a child might face in learning two languages simultaneously.

If you have been looking for the right preschool in New Windsor, bring in your child today to meet our wonderful staff and children!