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Day Care Center | Little Sunshine Daycare Center

You know when you’ve found a thriving daycare center the second you step inside. The place is clean, the children are laughing, and all the staff have...

Preschool | Little Sunshine Daycare Center

Little Sunshine Daycare Center believes in putting education first. However, a good preschool understands the challenges of implementing structured learning...

Child Care | Little Sunshine Daycare Center

Feel the relief of finding the right place that will care for your child. We understand the difficulties parents have leaving their children in the...

Celebrate your bilingual child’s success after enrolling at the wonderful Little Sunshine Daycare Center!

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Little Sunshine Daycare Center is a New York State-Licensed Care Provider currently operating out of New Windsor, New York. We believe in giving children the best chance to develop on their own unique path by combining traditional and Montessori teaching techniques. “Edutainment” means learning through play and is a widely successful education method used around the globe for preschool-aged children.

The goal of every preschool and daycare facility is to promote learning in a fun and safe environment. Our compassionate staff has dedicated their lives to this goal and enjoys the lasting and rewarding relationships it brings. Parents feel secure in knowing they are giving their children the best opportunity to succeed in an environment tailored to a child’s needs.

Early childhood education has been shown to have a huge impact on determining the future scholastic success of children.

We encourage parents to stop by and meet with our staff. They are often surprised at the homey atmosphere created by our quaint setting. It allows us to assume an attention to detail rarely present at larger institutions. We want it to feel like you are leaving your child under the supervision of a close relative. Thank you and we hope to see you soon!